‘Carol Abadi remains the go-to physio practice for all my patients in the Hampstead Garden Suburb area. Patients are deeply appreciative of the individual care and attention that Carol provides, particularly in the home setting.’

Mr David Sweetnam, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, The Knee Unit, The Wellington Hospital, www.davidsweetnam.com 

‘I send many of my patients to Carol and Sara and am pleased with the excellent results achieved and the patients praise of the care they receive.’

Dr Nathan Hasson

Carol is my ongoing saviour, alleviating my ITB/knee pain and getting me back in the saddle. The ability to have an appointment so close to home and get professional and effective treatment makes all the difference to my active life.’

Hilary (45), Co-Owner of The CyClub www.the-cyclub.com

Carol goes above and beyond what most other physio’s do in her dedication to her clients and helping to resolve their issues. As the owner of The CyClub (a boutique indoor cycling studio), Carol is our official physiotherapist, advising us and our clients on correct spinning posture and technique.’

Sharon Jaffe (43), Owner of The CyClub www.the-cyclub.com 

‘Carol Abadi and Sara Levy are one of the finest physiotherapy combinations that can be found in North London. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. They provide a first class personal service.’

Dr Huw Lewis Clarke Beynon BSc MD FRCP, Consultant Physician & Rheumatologist.

Carol has been a pleasure to work with over the past few years. All my patients speak very highly of her physiotherapy practice and the results with patients both pre and post-operatively have always been excellent. I hope to be able to refer patients onto her for many years to come.’

Mr Simon Moyes, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon 

It has been a pleasure working with Carol Abadi. Her patients always find the service outstanding. Communication is excellent and every possible effort is made in order to deal with patient symptoms and problems.’

Prof. Fares S Haddad, BSc MD (Res) MCh (Orth) FRCS (Orth) FFSEM

‘Carol is one of the finest physiotherapists in London,dedicated to excellent customer service which she continues to provide in an exemplary manner.’

DR. J Alec Golden, MB Ch B. MFGP

I have been referring to Carol Abadi one of our local private physiotherapists for nearly 20 years. Her practice is second to none and the communication that follows on between the professionals is seamless – I can only highly recommend her.’

Dr Leora Harverd , GP PHGH

‘Carol has given me and excellent progressive exercise programme to get me fully back to coaching following a hip injury.’

Lynne, Sports Coach, Patient 

‘At 93 I had lost confidence along with my balance- I am feeling OK now to go walking alone.’

Siegfried (93), Patient

‘She gets me back on my feet and mobile following my frequent falls, which at 92 is quite a feat.’

Hannah (92), Patient

‘I went to carol because I had a stiff neck and shoulders. She made me feel comfortable enough to have acupuncture (and I hate needles!). I felt so much better after.’

Abbey (14), Patient

I was grateful to find a physio who would take the care necessary to find the root cause of my chronic back pain and provide a programme to strengthen and relieve it.’

Michelle (45), Patient